Our Story


We are Collective Avenue Coffee, currently a mobile coffee stand comprised of worker-owners, volunteers, and our community.

We use our diverse talents and passions to serve our hometown of Lynwood, CA, a small inner city Southeast of Los Angeles. Our goal is to become the first worker owned cooperative coffee shop in Los Angeles county that focuses on providing teens and young adults a space to enjoy quality coffee and express themselves through music, art, and civic engagement.

Starting as a humble pop up making pour overs at BALAM restaurant, we have transformed by growing our offerings and hosting community events, such as our monthly Last Fridays at BALAM, which hosts local musicians, teens’ artwork, open mic, and more. 

We inspire awareness at our events with #CommunityIs . We walk around and ask guests to write their answer to the question: “What is community to you?”

What next?

Although we have hosted an array of successful events and provided our coffee at other venues, we want to provide an accessible, safe, and quality space for Lynwood teens and young adults to study, enjoy coffee, and express themselves through many means.

You mention cooperative education, what does cooperative mean? worker owned cooperative  is a business owned and run by its members, the people who work there, and it operates for the benefit of these members. The member benefits are multiple. A cooperative can be a way for people to start and own a small business together when they may lack the means or expertise to do so alone. 

Through our pop up sales, we are raising money to give Collective Avenue Coffee Cooperative its own space to serve the community coffee all 7 days, accessible to all community members in search of a space for expression and camaraderie.

Please consider supporting and reaching out with further questions on our contact page.