Welcome to Collective Avenue!

On this page you will see what the first worker owned cafe in LA county is up to.

Cup by cup, event by event, we are bringing young adults together through locally roasted coffee to feel empowered to express themselves through conversation, art, music, and sense of being an active member of community.

Pour over coffee ready to drink at our first pop up location, BALAM.

Collective Avenue Coffee believes in the importance of supporting local, and we try to make sure our products, partners, and events support Lynwood and other surrounding communities as well.

Collaborating with El Cielito Cafe in South Gate during CicLAvia in May 15

We believe that business can co-exist with its community,  and we believe workers have a right to voice how the business they are a part of runs. Therefore, we are structuring our cafe as a worker owned cooperative, where everyone has he same voting power as everyone else. Cooperatives are also a way to start a business as a group, which proves beneficial for lower income members who want to create new jobs and opportunities for their city.

Click to learn more about Cooperatives around the US.

We are currently in the funding stage to afford the brick and mortar to make the community experience a permanent go to location for youth and community members to enjoy a cup of coffee and a stimulating conversation with their baristas, friends, and family.

Our GoFundMe campaign is proof that together, we believe in the power of community spaces as this, as well as introducing our citizens to sustainable ways of running a business, from the quality of the coffee to the management of the location.

Explaining our vision and mission with Collective Avenue Coffee on our GoFundMe Video.

Watch our campaign in action!

Follow our journey, ask us about the journey, and we hope you feel as inspired and motivated as we do to bring this space to life!




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