Looking for Summer Interns!

Hello all!

As the weather gets warmer and the events get cooler, Collective Avenue continues to grow in the community and in the hearts of those touched by its impact.

We pride ourselves in engaging with the community, which is one of the 7 principles of the International Cooperative Alliance. 

With that said, we are looking for local interns ages 16+ for unpaid internship programs to help them become part of not only a start up, but a greater movement to create sustainable jobs for the community.


This could otherwise count as volunteer hours for those interested, but it will include resume building, network growing, entrepreneurial exposing, among other priceless perks they can take with them for life. If the interns are interested, this internship would count as the next step to be voted in as a worker member of Collective Avenue Coffee.

The Collective Avenue Internship positions are not your typical “go fetch me a coffee” type of job, but actual structured positions with allocated duties, expectations, and final projects to showcase to the community what they have learned. 

The positions include the following:

  • Social Media Associate
  • Co-operative Education Analyst
  • Community Relations Associate
  • Event Operations Associate
  • Finance Analyst

The positions have expectations, but are ready for the interns to call their own, after all, we want to work collectively!

If you know anyone interested in applying to these positions, please send your resume and a brief explanations on where you think you would be a best fit, on our contact page.


***If you love what we are offering to our young community members, please consider emailing us to show how you can contribute / collaborate / donate / engage / guide so together we can make this all the more memorable and enriching!

With love and excitement to grow what #communityis,

Kat & Jon

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